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With limited time, space and money—staying fit in college can sometimes be a struggle. Here are some quick, easy and FREE ways to get your sweat on in small spaces such as a dorm or office.


Workout Goal: Strength Training


One way to do a strength training exercise is to use your body weight! This is a great way to work several major muscle groups without using any exercise equipment.

Here a few examples with muscle/muscle groups targeted in parenthesis.

o   Arm Dips on a Chair; Find a sturdy chair (maybe one WITHOUT wheels- this could get tricky). Face chair as if you are about to sit down.  Place both hand on end of chair and lower body. Repeat the motion by straightening arms then bending elbow. (Triceps)

o   Triangle Wall Push Up; Find a wall free of obstacles or decorations. Place both hands on wall while forming a triangle with hand (pointer fingers and thumbs touching) while keeping feet shoulder-length apart. Assume the motion of a push-up. (Biceps)

o   Wall Push Up; Same as Triangle Wall Push up EXCEPT hands are place shoulder length apart. (Chest)

o   Chair Knee Lifts; To start sit on edge of chair, knees bent, feet flat. Grasp sides of chair and lean back slightly. Pull knees toward chest as you crunch upper body forward using abs, not arms. Lower feet almost to floor, but don't let them touch until the end of the set. (Abs)



Written By: Mariah Campbell

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