Living With MS: Physical Activity and the Role it Plays

Did you know that MS affects their central nervous system and can cause them to lose the feeling in their limbs, or the loss of function in their limbs? There is no cure for MS but scientific evidence from MS patients shows that physical activity is an important factor for improving MS.


It has been scientifically noted that, “Most physical activity interventions have focused on health outcomes among those with MS. Those interventions support the role of physical activity, either in the form of aerobic or resistance exercise training, as beneficial for symptom management, health and quality of life among those with MS” (McAuley, Snook, & Motl, 2005).


If you know someone with MS they should know this. My aunt has MS and it’s beginning to take complete control over her central nervous system. She is getting slower and is prone to falling now more than ever, yet she still remains active. She bought these workout videotapes and she sits in a chair and performs arm and leg workouts. Just taking these little steps will hopefully improve her walking and everyday body movements.


It has also been stated that "Increasing the physical activity levels of those with MS, although potentially challenging, is crucial for long-term health in this population" (McAuley et al., 2005). Use this story and tell your loved ones or people you know with MS to participate in some type of physical activity.


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