Injury Rehab Within the Scope of

Athletic Training

AT vs. PT

  • Most of the time when we think of care providers, we think of doctors or physical therapists, but have you ever considered a career in athletic training?
  • Athletic trainers don’t just work with athletes, but pretty much with any active person.
  • As seen in the video above, athletic trainers work with all of the same modalities used by physical therapist, just in a different, more specific setting.


  • After getting an Athletic Training degree at a school like the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), Athletic Trainers get to work at state-of-the-art training buildings with the injured athletes of our collegiate sports teams.
  • Athletic Trainers have tons of fun equipment to work with like ice baths, pools, and the basic exercise equipment.
  • Even as an undergraduate, students get hands-on training working with athletes going through rehabilitation for a variety of health issues.
  • From ultrasounds and electric stimulation (e-stim) treatment, to being out on the sideline of a sporting event, even the students aspiring to be Athletic Trainers get to be in on all the action


  • The scope of this career is growing from being able to work with people in the armed forces, NASA, and debilitated active people, to the typical athlete.
  • As previously mentioned, not many people are aware of the many similarities between an Athletic Trainer and a Physical Therapist.
  • Even for those of us who are unsure of which path we would like to take, it is fairly easy to gather a wide scope in both in an undergraduate health science degree program.
  • Whether a passion for sports has you interested in this field or if you are simply looking for a fun career in the medical field, Athletic Training is an up and coming field, with growing popularity by the year.