General Guide to Becoming a

Physical Therapist

Physical Therapists help patients restore their range of motion,

build strength, improve flexibility, and manage pain as they recuperate.

To become a Physical Therapist it is best to first get a Bachelor’s Degree in a Health Science Field.

Certain prerequisites should be met prior to applying for the doctorate program.

The prerequisites usually consist of courses in ANATOMY, PHYSIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY, PHYSICS, and PSYCHOLOGY.

DPT programs involve coursework in the following subjects:

  •       Applied Physical Therapy
  •      Functional Anatomy
  •      Complex Conditions
  •      Life Span Development
  •      Pharmacotherapy

After completion of the program a Physical Therapist (PT) MUST pass the individual states licensing program. A PT then has the option to do residency for up to a year.

A Physical Therapist will be successful depending on the mastery of different skills. They should be effective COMMUNICATORS, have high OBSERVATION skills, skilled in MANUAL THERAPY and THERAPEUTIC EXERCISE, and EMPATHY.