Trying to get fit but don’t know where to start?

Maybe you might be bored of staying on the treadmill for an hour?

Or you don’t have too much time and you’re getting out of shape…

Circuit training might be something for you!

But…what is Circuit Training?

Circuit training consists of higher repetition (volume), low resistance (weight) exercises divided into different “stations” with short rest intervals intended to enhance body composition and cardiovascular fitness. With circuit training, you can work out all your major muscle groups within a 30-minute entertaining workout! It is great for weight loss and muscle gain. This type of exercise allows you to alternate between different areas of the body to allow for muscle recovery, and forces your heart to pump blood and oxygen all over. With circuit training, anyone can customize his or her own regime.


Some basic benefits to circuit training are:

  1. All body parts are trained in one session meaning, you DON’T HAVE TO WORKOUT EVERYDAY!
  2. Increases excess post oxygen consumption meaning, you BURN MORE CALORIES THROUGHOUT THE REST OF THE DAY!
  4. SAVE TIME! (because time is $$$)
  5. Circuit training IS your CARDIO!
  7. FEEL GOOD (inside and out), LOOK BETTER, and SOCIALIZE! =)


Basically with circuit training, you can get a simple “all-in-one.” Increase your muscular tone and strength, improve your cardio, and lose that weight! Make up your own routine and start with a friend. But remember, six-pack abs don’t come in one day so start slow and stay consistent!

Some information behind Circuit Training being used in the populous:

Circuit Training has shown to be efficiently effective innumerous times. Experiments suggest it may even be possibly be as effective as typical aerobic exercise. A study has shown that circuit training even safely improves cardiorespiratory fitness and skeletal muscle strength in patients with chronic heart failure. Not only that, but it has been successfully tested as an alternative to usual physiotherapy for post-stroke victims.


Also, circuit training can be used in our young children’s PE education system. A study was done that has shown and was supported by other studies that circuit exercise, specifically, improves cardiovascular endurance and increase strength in a children’s PE setting. More importantly, children were shown to maintain these improvements for longer periods of time.


And not just children of course, but in all ages, circuit training can be used as a starting point for developing and maintaining a better quality of life. It is a great way to improve neuromuscular, cardiorespiratory, and body composition adaptations and has been shown even in the elderly population.

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