Physical Health Archive

Some great resources to look at:

          - Exercise: Fun for All Ages and Sizes


Some other resources for a better understanding of physical health:
          - Benefits of Physical Activity on the Muscular System

          - Benefits of Proper Form and Technique During Resistance Training

          - Stand Up for Good Health

          - The Healthy Life Zone

          - Stepping into a Healthy Life

          - Types of Exercise

          - Healthy Living

          - Got to Dance

          - Group Fitness: The Power of Social Groups

          - H.I.I.T or M.I.S.S: Which to choose for your workout!

          - Dance Movement for Physical and Mental Health

          - Help ZUMBady Get Healthy

The Merge of Technology with Physical Activity

Some resources to look at:

          - There's an App for that!

          - Wearable Technology

Yoga's Influence into the Physical Health

Some resources to look at:

          - Healthy Yoga

          - The Art of Yoga

          - Yoga for You

          - Mobility and Stretching Matters