Help ZUMBAdy Get Healthy

Link to the ZUMBA Flash Mob we used in our video, made by Creative Ideas



• Stay physically active


• Improve self- esteem


• Cope with stress


• Fun experience


• Cope with emotions


• Zumba can burn more calories than cardio kickboxing, step aerobics, hooping, and power yoga.


• John Porcari a Ph.D., from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse’s Department of Exercise and Sport Science states “It’s a total- body exercise- a good, high- energy aerobic workout.”


• For those trying to maintain their current weight level Zumba can help burn an average of 369 calories per class.


How Can Social Exercise Help with Motivation?

Social exercise has benefits that seem to go unnoticed. In a study done to find the benefits of social support on weight loss by Jeffery & Wing in 1999, it was found that participants who were recruited alone for a weight loss program had a 76% completion rate and only 24% maintained their weight loss. Those who were recruited for a weight loss program with friends had a 95% completion rate and 66% maintained their weight loss for a full 6 months. These results show that having someone there can help with motivational factors.


How Can Social Exercise Help with Stress?

In a study done by Plante, Coscarelli, and Ford in 2001, it was found that exercising with a partner helped people with stress more than exercising without one. Exercising with a partner also led to a higher competiveness, but this competition could probably help you try harder and thus improve your physical strength.




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