Physical activity can improve health and reduce the risk of developing several diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Physical activity and exercise can have immediate and long-term health benefit such as lower blood pressure, manage your weight, and even have a healthier state of mind.



With all of the benefits of regular physical activity, one may wonder where to get the motivation to start and stay consistent.


How do I remain consistent and motivated?

One of the hardest parts of maintaining your healthy lifestyle is being consistent. Motivation plays a key role in this as well. In order to be consistent, you should always find ways to motivate yourself. Let’s get going!


Some tips on how to be consistent with exercise are:
Design a workout regimen that fits to your schedule, choose the activity you enjoy doing, and lastly, develop healthy habits. 

One of the biggest excuses people give themselves for not working out is not having enough time. Find a time in your day that best fits into your day. We are all busy with other priorities or obligations, that's understandable, but find a time of day where you can get an exercise in that doesn't disrupt your schedule. It may even be for only 30 minutes, but at least it is still some physical activity that is beneficial for your health. 

Next, choose an activity you love doing. It can be hiking and other outdoor activities to yoga or tai chi. It increases your enthusiasm to exercise and are more likely to remain consistent with exercising. 

Lastly, is developing healthy habits. This is crucial to being consistent. We all know it is difficult to break bad habits but some easy and effective habits that will lead to consistency are leaving your gym bag by the door as a reminder to workout as you're leaving to start your day. Progress photos! Photos are an effective tool one can use to visually see their transformation from where they originally came from to their current status and it is satisfying knowing that all of that hard work is paying off. Building healthy habits will only lead to a routine, and once you develop that healthy routine then it is smooth sailing. You will feel something is missing out of your day if you do happen to skip or miss exercising that day. Don't beat yourself up, we all miss a workout every now and then, but those healthy habits will get you back on track with your routine and your day. 



There are two types of motivation. Here they are:

Intrinsic motivation involves self-rewarding. You become motivated to master a skill for your own self-benefit. If you play sports because you enjoy it, you are intrinsically motivated. Go you!


Extrinsic motivation comprise of external rewards. You might not enjoy what you are doing, but there is a prize at the end. If you catch yourself studying for your exam to get a decent grade, you are being extrinsically motivated. Way to stay driven!



Here are some more ways…

  • Get your family and friends involved! If they know about your new and improved lifestyle, they can help you stay on track.
  • Clear clear, logical, and achievable goals.
  • Include variety in your workout in different environments.
  • Have fun and reward yourself!