No matter the journey anyone chooses to take, or goal a person may attempt to tackle, there is always some kind of separation, some kind of barrier of where the person is now and where they hope to end up.

It’s both a battle of you versus your endless potential, but also managing, handling, and overcoming the environments, obstacles, and people that undoubtedly will come across your journey's path.

Research shows us that there are two main forms of motivation:

Intrinsic - Motivation that comes from within. A person acts on a goal or task because they personally enjoy the challenge or activity. The intrinsically motivated enjoy the personable gains that are made through increasing in knowledge or in honing in a particular skill set.

Extrinsic - An external or outside factor motivates a person to work towards achieving a goal or task. Examples may include someone staying with a difficult task solely because they know there is a prize or benefit upon completion (money, weight loss, promotion, etc.).

Rarely do we see someone either completely intrinsically or extrinsically motivated (not to say that it’s not possible). Both forms are seen to complement one another to some degree.

Let us utilize the example of being a player on a sports team. The athlete may be internally motivated to become the best player at their position (intrinsic), but the player also knows that by doing so they will benefit their team as a whole and enhance the team's chances of accomplishing their goal.

Motivation and the ideas of cooperation and teamwork go hand in hand.  

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