Boost Your Brain and Be A FANTASTIC-FIT Kid

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If you want to be a super kid, super in fitness and brain power, it's time to get up and move your way to higher exam scores.

While the world has gone hi-tech over the past few decades, our bodies are still low-tech machinery and sometimes require low-tech solutions, like exercising for better exam scores.

  • Dr. Ratey in his book Spark talked about the changes a Pennsylvania school district made in their PE program and the academic gains they achieved in one year. They made gym a daily class and focused on cardiovascular fitness. According to Ratey (2009), by the end of the school year, their standardized test scores had "risen from below the state average to 17 percent above it in reading and 18 percent above it in math" (p. 32).
  • Also, in the study published in the Journal of Sports Sciences, they found that participation in extracurricular activities correlated with higher scores in verbal, numeric and reasoning abilities, which resulted in a general increase in cognitive function (Esteban-Cornejo, et al., 2014, p. 1601).

Here are some exercises that you can do right before an exam to help to raise your brain level:

  • Jumping Jacks                              
  • Invisible Jump Rope                         
  • Jog in place                              
  • Running to class (it’s for my brain!!!)
  • Standing Squats
  • Push ups
  • Burpees

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