”Motivation and Feedback for Training Improvements”
”Motivation and Feedback for Training Improvements”

Feedback: Sensory information that indicates something about the actual state of a person’s movements and is one of the most important ways practitioners can influence the learning process about the individuals actions.

·         Plays a crucial role in the learning process of any physical activity, whether you’re trying to improve your skills in a sport or learning how to exercise correctly and effectively.

·         Many different types of feedback; some feedback methods are better for improving initial performance while others are more effective at improving learning at the cost of poorer present performance.

Summary Feedback: A type of extrinsic feedback, it is one of the most effective methods of feedback for an individual to learn.

·         Maximizes the effectiveness and decreases the need for future feedback.

·         Cause the performance being attempted to be poorer but in the end will provide greater skill memory.

Appropriate feedback can make the difference from success and failure.  However, if used incorrectly it can hinder the performers progress.

            Motivation and Reinforcement are also very crucial in learning and molding skills.

 Reinforcement: Increases the likelihood that an individual will repeat a certain behavior.

·         When positive reinforcement is provided, the one providing the reinforcement is “giving” something to the client based on their performance.

·         Influences the performer to succeed because they want that praise or reward or whatever it is the provider is “giving” them.

The critical aspect of motivation and reinforcement is that it builds confidence in the performer and as the performers confidence rises their performance rises as well.