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Here, we have some useful information about what is the best way to achieve optimal overall health and fitness. We address some ridiculous myths surrounding cardio and strength training. There are articles that you can evaluate and make sound decisions based on your goals without feeling like you are spinning your wheels! We hope we can help you get a better understanding that a balance of strength and endurance is optimal for your health, and going to either extreme will have their own consequences. Isn't too much of a good thing also a bad thing?The first three articles all explore different protocols of training.

Parameters such as body composition (body fat vs. Lean mass), maximal aerobic capacity (VO2max), maximal strength, cardiovascular health in regards to blood pressure, and many others were explored. It can extrapolated that concurrent training hinders neither endurance or strength significantly, and pursuing either extreme should be goal oriented. For overall health and fitness, there is no harm in doing concurrent training and it is far more feasible mentally and to avoid staleness to do this type of training.


The Cosgrove article has reflective and personal account of what it is like to do solely endurance training, for an endurance event. She seems to have not enjoyed it that much, but she did undertake the training and the event. We can see that she would rather do concurrent training, or more resistance training and some sort of high intensity conditioning work, further making it seem that concurrent training is indeed the way to go.


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