Comparing Physical and Mental Health

Comparing physical health to mental healthPhysical activity, nutrition, rest and sleep are all components of physical health that maintain the overall well being of social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and environmental health.   Mental health includes our emotions, social, and psychological well being; also mental health looks at the way that we handle stress, which may be managed through physical activity.

o   Physical activity:

§  May reduce symptoms of depression

§  Improves bone health

§  Improves cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness

§  Builds self-esteem

§  Combined with eating habits results in weight loss

§  Reduces the risk for osteoporosis

-          How much physical activity do I need to maintain my body weight?

§  150 minutes of moderate intensity, 75 minutes of



Ø  Examples of moderate intensity include: Walking briskly (a 15 minute mile, actively playing with children, biking at a casual pace, yard work, etc.


Ø  Examples of vigorous-intensity include: jogging or running, swimming laps, playing football/basketball/soccer, etc. 



o   Reasons for not participating in physical activity:

§  Perceived lack of time

§  Low motivation

§  Lack of energy

o   Tips to improve mental health include:

§  Getting enough rest

§ Positive relationships with friends and family

§  A positive attitude

§  Reduced stress

§  Reduced anxiety and depression




The daily habits of people have a great deal more to do with what makes them sick and when they die than all the influences of medicine.”

– Lester Breslow, M. D. 

BYSTANDER EFFECT – more observers present; less chance of someone taking action More and more people engage in less physical activity


o   Consequence of this trend: the average worker, now, can no longer deliver a full day’s effort and degenerative diseases associated with inactivity are epidemic.


·Meet unforeseen emergencies

o   Thinking you’re not fit enough to help

§  Smaller people have to work harder than larger people

o   You need to maintain a fitness reserve in case you need to help others 

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