*50% of people who start a workout program will drop out within 6 months.*


Top 10 Tips To Be Above The 50%

1) Stop “shoulding” on yourself. Use “want” instead of “Should”

2) Choose a workout program that is not too restrictive

3) Use positive talk and self-imagery, be positive!

4) Build a support system of family and friends

5) Find a workout partner

6) Leave your gym clothes and work out equipment in an easily accessible area

7) Keep the exercise at a moderate level

8) Choose a workout time and area that are close and convenient for you

9) More money doesn’t equal more results

10) Set goals that push your limits, but keep them reasonable. 

Physical Benefits


1.    Reduce risk of cardiovascular disease

o   Lowers blood pressure

o   Boost good cholesterol

2.    Reduce risk of heart disease

o   Improves blood circulation

3.    Manages weight

4.    Helps improve blood cholesterol levels

5.    Prevent bone loss

6.    Boost energy levels

7.    Increase in strength and performance in other physical activities

8.    Reduce risk of developing

o   CHD/CVD by 30-40%

o   Stroke by 20% (moderately active) and 27% (highly active)

9.    Instills healthy habits in children

10. Prevents disease in illness associated with aging


Recommendations from American Heart Association


Moderate Physical Activity:


·      150 minutes per week minimum


·      brisk walk (at least 3mph)


·      bicycling (under 10 mph)


·      To see an even greater increase in Health Benefits, continue to work towards 300 minutes of moderate activity.

Mental Benefits


1.    Mental Health Benefits account for 30 % of hospitalizations in the U.S.

2.    Depression will be the second leading cause after cardiovascular disease in 2020

3.    Cost of anxiety disorders cost the public $45 billion a year

4.    Physical activity correlates with good mental health

5.    25 % of people will experience anxiety

6.    Regular physical activity:

·      Relieves tension and stress

·      Decreases anxiety no matter what

·      Reduces depression

·      Improves general well- being

·      Walk or jog 70-85%  for 30 minutes three times a week