GROUP 14. Amy Thompson, Sophia Sharrow, Brittney Mucikyan, Kierra Hemphill, Morgan Potter.  IT: Jireh Banania

Going Au Naturale: Eat & Play to Treat Your Body Right

We have all heard of the tolls that stress & anxiety has on us. From the acne to the headaches and the constant struggle of feeling drained. Stress really plays a role in our everyday lives. Although some stress is beneficial and actually healthy for us, if you reoccuringly feel overwhelmed with unnecessary amounts of it you can sometimes feel like you are breaking out of your skin!




The most common treatment of stress & anxiety is pharmaceutical drugs. These can be effective in their treatment. However, there are other things we can do to help ourselves that have potentially less side effects & many great benefits.


Here are some natural ways that have been shown to significantly reduce anxiety & stress for some students:


·         HEALTHY EATING. Try eating a lot of fruits & veggies. Some research has shown that being nutrient deficient has a cause and effect relationship with some anxiety disorders. Foods like berries, bananas, carrots & avocados are great to make us feel better & are healthy, too! Grabbing for snacks filled with empty calories like added sugars, fats, and primarily carbs actually makes our mood worse. If you are really craving carbs, go for a bag of whole wheat pretzels, instead. Tea can also be great for anxiety, as there are many calming teas available.


·         You knew it was coming; EXERCISE. Studies have shown over and over again that physical activity is one of THE BEST natural medicines we have access to. The best part about exercise.. it’s free Many researchers have linked the lack of exercise to many illnesses. Try to incorporate a 30-45 minute workout into your day. Any kind of exercise is fine, whether you prefer vigorous activity, swimming, walking, yoga, or at home exercises. To wreak the full benefits, try to break a mild sweat & get your heart rate to at least 20-30% of its max capacity. Exercising outdoors is also believed to have many calming effects.

·         TAKE A BREAK. Keeping focused can be difficult for students and can cause many to feel anxious or stressed. Set a timer while you are studying and incorporate short breaks throughout. During the break make sure you do something completely unrelated to what you are doing. Coloring, drawing, gardening, stretching, or simply just lying down to clear your mind can actually help you stay on task when you go back to work.  When the timer goes off, be sure to dive right back in.


Check out the Pomodoro Timer App from your smart phone or tablet.


·         MEDITATION. Meditation is a great way to relax your mind and body when you are experiencing anxiety, or not. There are various styles & lengths of meditation. From vipassana, Zen meditation, prayer, transcendental meditation, Taoist meditation, mindfulness meditation, and Buddhist meditation there is something for everyone. A quick YouTube search will give you a variety of methods and easy to follow guides for beginners.


Some of these may work for you. Some of them may not. Whatever your preferred method is, keep at it & don’t get discouraged. Try new things. We don’t only live once, we live every single day. You have 365 days of life each year, so treat yourself right!

*Disclaimer. This page in no way shape or form is suggesting to stop taking prescribed medication by your doctor. Always consult your physician first if you are thinking of stopping your medication.*