Keeping Your Head in the Game

Staying Motivated and Focusing on Your Goals


Have you ever awoken one morning, and said to yourself, “I really don’t want to do go to school, workout, or go to work today”? Is it the lack of drive, lack of will to get the job done, or just laziness? You don’t want to be that person, homeless asking for change to eat. The world isn’t going to slow down for you, so you don’t slow down for it. You have to want to be successful badly enough to the point that it is all you think about. Be the best you can be, and then some. You can do it, and you know you can. I believe in you, and you just have to believe in yourself. We all fall down, but staying down isn’t what makes you stronger. It’s getting up and doing it all over again.

You have to find something that makes you happy, something that gets you going. For me its football, because when I’m on the field I am at peace with myself. Struggling is my motivation, and you have to find something that just makes you push yourself to the ultimate limit and beyond. We all go through hard times; the only thing that matters is how we react once something bad has happened to us. Find something and or someone to be great for. For me it is my family as a whole. I feel as if I should be the ONE to take care of my family members.

Find your HAPPY PLACE and you’ll be just fine, don’t quit!