Everyone has a basic idea of how to exercise/get fit: do crunches, jog, and so forth. But is the problem HOW to get in shape, or is it the LACK OF MOTIVATION to get in shape? Our team of Kinesiology students would like to share some simple ways you can get your recommended dose of physical activity as you go about your daily routine. We have gathered tips and tricks that can help reduce sedentary behavior.

o  Owning a dog  - According to the New York Times’ article, Forget the Treadmill. Get a Dog, if you own a dog, you are going to have to walk it. Surprise right? Man’s best friend may just prove to be our most useful ally when it comes to being healthy.

o  Fitness Apps Looking for a more modern and up to date style of fitness? Our society spends a good amount of our day glued to our phone, so why not download an app for exercising while we’re at it? Let the computers crunch the data for you and tell you how to optimize your training, send alerts when you are getting too lazy, and (possibly) apply gentle shocks to get you moving.

o  Parking farther away-  Now it might seem cliché, but this is definitely going to help you reach that 10,000-step mark. Save the closer spots for the elderly and the busy soccer moms, and get a health benefit in return for your kindness.


o  Standing at work  - This may seem like a small change, but it makes a big difference. There are multiple studies on the benefits of standing vs. sitting at work. There is even an entire webpage dedicated to encouraging you to do so. Standing is NOT sedentary, sitting IS. Do yourself a big favor and simply take a stand for standing up.