In partnership with the Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences, the Division of Educational Outreach is pleased to offer physical activity courses. Physical Activity Program (PEX) courses are activity based academic credit courses.


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What are a few benefits to taking a PEX class thru UNLV versus just taking a random class? 

            “Some students may feel intimated trying something new.  Students may not have had the opportunity when they were younger and now are self-conscious. With the PEX classes it takes away the intimidation.  Students are taught the proper technique to help prevent injury.  Just taking a random class a student may just be thrown into the class and told to follow not learning proper technique.”

 Are the PEX classes lecture based?

            No, majority of the class are activity based.  You will get a workout with these classes.  A few of the classes have lecture, backpacking and camping for example have some lecture to cover safety. Fundamentals of coaching is a lecture class.  Because each class is an academic class for credit you are required to write a paper and there are learning objectives.  In Tai Chi you learn several poses and at the end of the semester you should be able to demonstrate them without instruction.”


PEX classes are to help the students.  We want the students to be active and healthy.  These classes give students the opportunities to try something new and earn credit at the same time. 



I am an advocate of PEX courses. I personally have taken a swimming class and found it to be a great workout. I learned how to do the breaststroke, backstroke, freestyle, and butterfly. We started every class with warm up laps. Then we would get into our workouts. We learned how to use different pool equipment such as flippers, kickboards, hand paddles and resistant cables. Some days we played games like sharks and minnows and water polo. After playing a few minutes of water polo (with flippers) I developed much more respect for the game and the athletes. I feel like taking a PEX course has better prepared me for providing care to athletes. Experiencing different pool workouts has increased my knowledge on cross training and given me insight to what swimmers go through and what possible complications swimmers might experience. I would definitely recommend taking a PEX course during your college experience.

-Kenneth Lanzalaco

I personally have taken 2 PEX classes while here at UNLV. I took body weight boot camp and rock climbing. They both were a fun way to make sure I got the exercise I needed and were great GPA boosters! I highly recommend taking a PEX class to everyone!

-Nina Thynne




Questions about PEX can be answered by Trisha Cain. You can reach her at

(702) 895-3766 or