Fitness and You

Integrating Fitness into your Daily Life

Many people believe that physical fitness is only beneficial for

looks or appearance, but the true benefits of physical activity are

found inside the body.  Being physically active has been positively

correlated to enhancing the efficiency of many bones and organs

throughout our bodies while also reducing the risks for coronary

heart disease and type 2 diabetes. The key to achieving these

internal and life-long benefits, is  maintaining motivation for

physical activity! How is it that people drag themselves to the gym

every single day? The vital aspect is to associate physical activity

with something you enjoy doing. Don’t immediately associate

physical activity with weights at the gym or dreadful workouts.

Find something that fits you! Certain workouts can be

very intimidating for people, however,keep in mind that there are many other ways to integrate fitness into

your lifestyle. Statistics say that 50% of adults’ dropout of their workout programs within six months. Park in the

back of the parking lot, take the stairs, and bike to school or work. Reward yourself, internally and externally.

After every exercise embrace the feeling that overcomes you to help savor the intrinsic reward

of exercising. After meeting a long-term goal, treat yourself to a new pair of workout shoes, or a new set of tunes to

keep the motivation alive and thriving ! Find a way to integrate fitness into your life in a way that is enjoyable.

Different types of workouts include: 

  •  Gym (Weight Room/Resistance Training)
  •  Zumba
  •  Crossfit
  •  Barre
  •  Yoga 
  •  Pilates
  •  Outside Sports (hobbies)
  •  Spin (Cycle)
  •  Boxing 
  •  Bootcamps
  •  Dance
  •  Etc.