Stepping into a healthy life



Walking 10,000 steps a day may seem impossible, but it’s not. According to, a sedentary person walks about 1,000-3,000 steps per day, with the average American easily achieving 5,000 steps. Where ever you go, think about taking an extra step. Whether it’s parking further away from the grocery store, or taking the stairs instead of using the elevator, taking that extra step really adds up. 

The goal of 10,000 steps is simple: to become healthier. Not only will it help your cardiovascular health and fitness, but it studies have shown that physical activity improves your mood as well. So think of it this way: walking 10,000 steps can be like killing two birds with one stone: improving your physical condition and enlightening your mood.

Useful Tip to Reach 10,000 Steps:

If you attend UNLV, walking from one side of the campus and back (i.e. from the Cottage Grove Parking Garage, to the SRWC, and back) accumulates an average of 1,800 steps. Almost one-fifth of the day's goal! Parking at the opposite side of campus for a class is an easy way to add these steps!




Below are two links that give some more information about exercise. The first link provides some fun and interesting ways to exercise that fit into daily life, as well as expert advice from health care professionals. The second gives some great ideas to get up and go walking as well as explaining the proper equipment needed so you can be prepared out there.

If you would like to learn more about staying healthy with #10000Steps, visit:

Personal Best Healthlines