Wearable Technology



Wearable Technology provides an inexpensive way to increase

one's physical activity and lead to an overall healthy lifestyle.

The types of technology can vary from simple heart rate monitors to gps watches with built in exercise programs.


Heart Rate Monitors


  • Works by using sensors all over that you place on your clothes.
  •  Unlike watches or bands that measure only one point on your body, this technology reads whole-body measurements such as heart rate, effort, breathing, and repetition count.
  • One such brand is Athos, which will be out this summer.


  • Polar’s smart coaching offers different features which are specifically tailored towards individual need
  • Some watches may serve as simple heart rate monitors or activity trackers, while others include specific training programs. 
  • You can set your device to be as simple or complex as you desire.


Activity Trackers


  • FitBit flex is an activity monitor and sleep wristband that is designed to be worn at all times. 
  • The flex tracks steps taken; distance traveled, calories burned, and even measures the quality and duration of your sleep. 
  • When used in conjunction with the Fit Bit App, the Flex promotes a healthier more active lifestyle for everyone.

UP band

  • The UP band measures your fine daily movements.
  • Tells you how many steps you take, how many calories you burn, and the time you were most active. 
  • Can also tracks your sleep patterns and will tell you when you are in REM sleep and when you wake at night.  You can even set the band to wake you up when you have received enough sleep. 
  • You can enter in activities you perform as well as your food and drink intake.

Nike Fuelband 

  • The Fuel Band tracks your movements during workouts in addition to your basic daily movements and measure their effectiveness.
  • When you have been inactive for to long, the band will send you a notification to remind you to move.
  • Can connects to your phone to give you instant analysis of your movement. 
  • You can also connect with your friends and share your progress and motivate each other.