Dance Movement for Physical and Mental Health

Dance therapy



Patients receive both mental and physical health benefits. Dance therapy is used to help many people from different backgrounds. It has helped abused children to patients with Alzheimer’s

Physical Health Benefits


Dance therapy gives the patients basic health benefits because they are actively moving. As Dr. Mike Evans says in his video “23 and ½ hours,” being active just 30 minutes a day can provide physical benefits to people. Both dopamine and endorphins are responsible for making people feel happier, and are released during physical activity.

Mental Health Benefits

Dance Therapy provides an opportunity to partner up with someone and share your emotions. The mirror neurons of the brain are used to our benefit in dance therapy. (TedxTalks, 2013).  In dance therapy, patients copy exercises done by a therapist and switch roles to have the control. Mirror neurons help us empathize with each other and the mirroring exercises help patients open up and feel comfortable sharing.