Benefits of Physical Activity on the Muscular System

How Physical Activity benefits the Muscular System


  • More than 60 percent of U.S. adults do not engage in the recommended amount of activity.
  • Reduces the risk of dying from coronary heart disease and of developing high blood pressure, colon cancer, and diabetes.
  • Reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression and fosters improvements in mood and feelings of well-being.
  • Helps develop lean muscle, which aids in controlling weight and reducing body fat.
  • Muscular strength declines as we age, but studies report when people exercise, they are stronger and leaner than others in their age group.
  • Physical activity for people with chronic back pain can be therapeutic.
  • Hypertrophy – Increases in muscle size and strength, protecting bones, joints, osteoporosis, and arthritis.
  • Angiogenesis – formation of blood vessels within muscles – promotes blood flow and removes lactic acid.
  • Endurance – improves cardiovascular function and increases metabolism.
  • Improved coordination – enhances neuromuscular pathways, allowing muscles to contract more quickly and efficiently. calories at an accelerated pace as the muscles work to replenish glycogen stores and the body returns to its resting state.
  • Having more lean muscle tissue boosts resting metabolic rate which accounts for between 60 and 75 percent of calories burned daily.
  • Afterburn Effect - Even hours after exercising the body burns 


The Benefits of Motivation and Cooperation on Physical Activity

  • Help achieve fitness goals by increasing commitment
  • Having a spotter ensures safety and proper form
  • Gym buddies can motivate and support us by providing some friendly competition and encouragement.
  • Increases commitment – people are less likely to skip a workout if someone is relying on them.
  • Social support from family and friends has been consistently and positively correlated with regular physical activity.
  • Studies have shown that people who work out with a partner, especially a more fit partner, tend to have more intense work outs than when they work out alone.