“Anyone who practices can obtain success in yoga but not one who is lazy. Constant practice alone is the secret of success.” -Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Yoga is a practice that has been around since 3000 B.C. Yoga comes from Sanskrit meaning to “join together”. Founded by Patanjali who was Sanskrit but also a scholar and physician. Yoga is a style of exercise that combines stretching, deep breathing, and meditation. Yoga is designed to stretch and tone the muscles of the body, while keeping the spine and joints flexible. Those who practice yoga feel an increase in oxygen flow to the brain through deep, diaphragmatic breathing that accommodates most styles of yoga. Yoga is separated in too many different styles but the most popular are: Hatha, Ashtanga, Anasara, Iyenger, and Bikram. Each of these distinctive styles of yoga brings a different style. Hatha is the most relaxing form of yoga, while Ashtanga is considered power yoga. Bikram is practiced in a high humidity, high temperature room. All of the styles of yoga bring about different ways of healing the body, helping with overall wellness and great psychological/physiological benefits.

Are you a beginner? Or looking to incorporate yoga into your lifestyle? Look no further, yoga is a simple exercise that needs about 30 minutes of your day. As a beginner it is important to know that free flowing clothing is best for yoga. It allows you to be able to stretch and move without restriction. Make sure the material is breathable. Jeans are not acceptable to wear for yoga. Also, a mat, or folded up blanket is needed to help with some poses for cushion. Bare feet are also recommended to help with traction. As a beginner or with any exercise it is important your muscles are warmed up before starting a yoga routine. Performing the poses or stretches with proper form and not overstretching muscles is important to prevent strains, sprain, tears, or soreness. It is best as a beginner to start with a class to learn properly how to do yoga. For those looking to incorporate yoga into your daily routine is just like a beginner. Take it slow and steady, gather friends and go to a beginning yoga class to learn. It is stated that it takes around three weeks to form a new habit. Incorporating yoga into your daily routine everyday for three weeks will ultimately get you use to the idea of practicing yoga and you will start to experience the wide variety of health benefits provided by yoga. 

Some of the benefits of yoga are listed below:


         Improved brain function

         Lower stress levels

         Improved wellness

         Increased flexibility

         Lower blood pressure

         Improved lung capacity

         Improved sexual function

         Reduction in chronic neck pain

         Reduction in anxiety

         Reduction in chronic back pain

         Lowers blood sugar levels in adults

         Improved sense of balance

         Stronger bones

         Healthy weight management

         Lowers the risk of heart disease

         Alleviating depression

         Reduction in insomnia

         Increase REM sleep

         Boost the immune system

         Decrease in severity of headaches and migraines

         Decrease in heart rate

         Aids in weight loss

         Helps improve asthma symptoms

         Helps those with coronary artery disease

         Reduces cholesterol levels

         Reduction in osteoarthritis symptoms



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