Mobility Matters

The Immobile Population

As a population, Americans are riddled with chronic pain and injury. This is caused by immobility and poor posture, because of the lack of flexibility. 

Why are we immobile?

  • As Americans we are in a sitting culture. We sit when we eat, when we work, when we watch television, when we drive, we sit all the time.
  • On top of that regular exercise is extremely scarce; inactivity is the leading cause of health problems in our society.
  •  Stretching and the maintenance of mobility are overlooked.
  • The general population is uneducated about health and wellness. There is a lack of knowledge about exercise and stretching, and the benefits that come from both.

Becoming mobile

  • MOVE!!!!
  • Engaging in daily physical activity and a regular exercise program.
  • Being aware of postural imbalances, meaning, correcting improper posture, while sitting, standing, and sleeping or any part of daily life.
  • Stretching to improve functionality in our daily lives.