Those who exercise on a regular basis, whether it is in sports or in the gym, are constantly looking for the right foods to eat before and after their work out. We have all heard rumors about low carb diets being the key to weight-loss, and whey protein being the key to building muscle. But how much of what we hear is true? Well, after some research and investigation the answers are clear as to which foods seem to produce the best results and are commonly used before and after exercise.


After exploring the diets of a few fitness specialists, there seems to be a few common foods between them. First off, oatmeal seems to be one thing most of the fitness experts eat before workouts. For the most part, they recommend combining complex carbohydrates, such as whole grains, and proteins before a workout (Clark, 2014). Another common food in the diets of the fitness experts are sweet potatoes because they are a great source of complex carbs. Each of the fitness experts enjoyed eating fruits after their workouts because of the quick restoration of carbohydrates that fruits provide (Clark, 2014). The fitness specialists also widely eat meat protein sources or drink their protein after their workouts.


As far as the low carb diet fads, no matter what the results are, carbohydrates are your body’s main energy source which means that you should keep them in your diet. The secret is to eat complex carbs as our fitness experts have recommended (Clark, 2014). Complex carbs take longer to breakdown so they will keep you full longer.


Along with carbohydrates, protein is also an important factor when it comes to nutrition and exercise. It is important because when your body has used up all of its carbohydrates as an energy source it begins breaking down your muscles (Biss, 2014). Research has been done that shows that those who intake whey protein prior to workouts show better results (Biss, 2014). It is also important to consume protein after a workout in order to replenish your muscles. For more information about the science behind protein and exercise, please visit


The science of nutrition is still a growing field. However, understanding the importance of carbohydrates and protein in your pre and post exercise diet is extremely important to the success of your program.

Food Sources Containing Complex Carbs

   -Whole grain pasta

   -Whole grain bread

   - Oatmeal

   - Beans

   - Green vegetables

   - Sweet potatoes

Food Sources Containing Proteins

   - Chicken

   - Turkey

   - Nuts

   - Fish


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