College life is stressful!

A life of a college student may consist of emotional breakdowns, psychological disparity, and physical suffering.L



College students are continuously being overwhelmed with a wide range of stressors:

·       Exams

·       Finances

·       Time management

·       Deficiency of resources

·       Relationships

·       Sickness

·       Prioritizing complications

·       Family expectations

What can we do to manage this? à PHYSICAL ACTIVITY

The CDC reports less than 25% of Americans participate in Leisure time physical activity

“Studies have shown that college students, 60% of college students are unaware that adults should exercise five days a week for 30 minutes at moderate intensities.” (Judge, Peterson)


"I often recommend exercise for my psychotherapy clients, particularly for those who are anxious or depressed," –Jennifer Carter PhD Sports Psychology

Physical Activity is physically and psychologically helpful in maintaining a healthy and balance life!

Psychological Benefits of Physical Activity

·        Boosts ability to retain and recall more information

·        Boosts self-esteem

·        Reduces stress

·        Reduces depression

·        Reduces anxiety – A study conducted of 60 participants with anxiety disorders found those placed in a controlled exercise program, “showed significant improvements in anxiety sensitivity compared with a control group.”  Jasper Smith PhD, Anxiety Research

·        Elevates feelings of energy

Emerging research is continually supporting that physical activity is beneficial to mental health and an effective solution to stress and anxiety particularly for college students, with the added correlation of increased GPA.  (Judge, Peterson)

Physical Benefits of Physical Activity

·       Improves muscle mass and strength

·       Reduces risks of: cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, some cancers, and high blood pressure

·       Maintaining weight loss or gain

·       Improves quality of life

·       Improves endurance

·       Promotes better sleep