Be Happy,Be Healthy, Be Fit! 

The Benefits of Physical Activity    

● People of all ages can get involved when it comes to physical activity. There are plenty of ways to become more active and live a healthy life.


● So many people tend to overlook or forget the countless benefits of physical activity.


● Staying active helps maintain proper weight and reduce the risk of obesity


● Maintaining an active lifestyle allows individuals to burn more calories, which ultimately leads to weight loss.

● Becoming more active not only provides physical benefits but often times provides better mental health.


● Proper weight loss and healthy eating help improve mood, which in turn improves energy levels.


● More energy equals a higher probability of performing some form of physical activity.

● Heart disease is known as one of the leading causes of death in the United States but physical activity can reduce the risk for it.

● It reduces this risk by strengthening the heart muscles, lowering blood pressure levels, and raising the good cholesterol and improving the blood flow to the heart, lungs, and the body.


● Constant activity can also reduce hypertension through the loss of fat, which has been associated with high blood pressure.


● Regular activity has also been said to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes as well.

● Physical activity can help strengthen bones and muscles. It is known that having strong bones and muscles is very important in providing individuals with support and the ability to move.


● Osteoporosis is a disease that affects the bones and causes them to become weak and brittle. It also affects elderly individuals the most.

● Regular weight-bearing exercise can improve the promotion of bone formation, which can prevent the loss of bone associated with aging .


● Most importantly, physical activity may increase the chances of living a longer life. The fact that it helps prevents and reduce the risk of several life-threatening diseases can help people live longer healthier lives.

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