Exercise: Physical AND Psychological Benefits?

In the current era, most everyone would agree that regular exercise is good for the body on a physiological level. Although specific effects exercise has on the body varies significantly depending on the patient’s fitness level as well as the type, time, and intensity of the activity they are performing, they still receive positive feedback from their body to some extent for providing its necessary exercise. Interestingly enough, it works the same way with exercise’s mental benefits! Take a look at just some of the ways that your brain will positively respond to physical activity .   

Mental Health Benefits of Exercise:

1.    reduction: the exercise provides the brain with a physical release from daily hassles and allows it to regulate itself.

2.    Improve self-confidence:It’s not always about how you look in the mirror, but rather how you view yourself. Exercising boosts body image and is associated with higher self esteem.

3.    Prevent cognitive decline: especially among the elderly, exercise can be extremely beneficial in keeping brain neurons firing smoothly, thus strengthening the signals between brain and body.

4.    Increased “happy” hormones: regular aerobic exercise increases the release of endorphins throughout the body, which are associated with feelings of happiness and feel-good sensation.

5.    Inspires creativity: Have writer’s block? Try taking a quick jog to get your muscles moving and chances are you will get a spark of creativity and focus when you go back to the computer due to the brain stimulation you’ve generated.

6.    Reduction of anxiety and mood disorders: Yep that’s right! Exercise has been proven to be a very effective medicine in acutely reducing anxiety, depression and other mental disorder

What Do I Need to Do?

To achieve these great psychological effects of physical activity, you don’t need to be an Olympic gymnast or long distance runner. You                    

can get these benefits and more, keep your body happy and healthy on a psychological level by doing a moderate physical activity for as little as 20 minutes a day!