Staying Active in College

After high school, physical activity decreases. Why? Many students have a more demanding schedule in college. Some used to play sports and now they need to focus on school. Others have jobs and responsibilities which make it feel impossible to go work out.

Don’t be fooled!

At minimum, this is how many minutes per week that should be dedicated to exercise:

150 minutes of moderate activity; or

75 minutes of vigorous activity; and

2x a week of strength training


That’s similar to:

30 minutes 5x a week

2 days dedicated to strength training


And that doesn’t have to be all at once!

Take a study break for 15 minutes to take a walk.

Play a game of basketball with a friend for half an hour.

Stay Consistent

The key to staying active is consistency! Dedicate a certain time of the day to exercise and stick to it.

Avoid Social Loafing

Social Loafing is when the group mentality decreases the productivity of the individual. Don’t be a loaf!

Spice It Up

Try new things to stay engaged and interested in physical activity. Try a new class or add a new exercise.

Get Motivated

Studies have shown that men and women are motivated differently.

Men tend to be motivated by intrinsic factors, like individual strength and competition.

Women tend to be motivated by extrinsic factors, like group support and exercise classes.

Find what motivates you, and appeal to it.

                           Did You Know?

Physical activity helps prevent:

-Cardiovascular disease







Benefits of Physical Activity for College Students

-Reduce anxiety

-Reduce stress

-Reduce depression

-Improve academic performance

-Improve body image

-Improve focus

Where To Get Started

College campuses provide several resources to encourage students to stay active. Typically they are free, recreational, and emphasize group activities. Look into what the campus gym offers and sign up for classes.


Colleges that require students to incorporate a health/fitness credit into their undergraduate show an improvement in physical activity by 13.7%.