The Effects of Physical Activity and Stress

Studies show that by participating in voluntary physical activity, you can improve your mood. Which will make you be able to deal with stresses in life in a different perspective. By looking at stress in a positive way makes you less stressed.


Physical activity can change many things in your life for the better! So lets get up and move!

“It is therefore hypothesized that if the normal routine of test taking can be altered in a positive manner through the inclusion of moderate physical activity stress can be reduced and higher levels of academic performance on examinations can be achieved.”

            -Joseph Simplicio

What stresses you out?




            -JUST LIFE IN GENERAL?

Cramming for finals or any test is never fun, but sometimes your mind needs a break. So why not go on a run or even a walk to get your mind out of the books? Find something that relieves that stress. There are many things that you can do just to get your mind off studying. 

You can

-  Go to a yoga class

-  Throw a football around with your friends

-  Go for a run

-  Lift weights


Being a college student is hard! So try and make your life a little easier by working out.  Studies show that low activity levels plays a role in low academic performance. The students who work out are less stressed than students who are sedentary. These studies show that nearly half of the 30 hours that are involved in sedentary activity is spent studying, so take breaks in between studying to go workout.  You can even walk around while you are studying!


What does this do for you?

-  Less time cramming

-  More prepared you are for your tests

-  Less time being sedentary

-  Living a healthy lifestyle!

Many Studies also show that physical activity has a positive influence on concentration, memory, and classroom behavior. By working out before studying or just to take a break during studying to work out, you are able to retain more information that you are learning.

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